Episode 212 “Quarantine Champs Ep.3” w/ Killer Mike, Shannon Briggs & Akinyele #DRINKCHAMPS

N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN are the Drink Champs. The Quarantine Champs are back again! In this episode we chop it up with Killer Mike, Shannon Briggs and Akinyele.

While rumors are circulating about a possible match between Mike Tyson, Shannon Briggs shares light of the possibility of it happening. Shannon also shares his vision of opening a gym in Brownsville. We’re also joined by Akinyele and the two share their thoughts on the VERZUZ celebration they would like to see.

Killer Mike also joins the conversation. The Champs and Mike discuss the current COVID-19 pandemic, Bernie Sanders and politics. Making changes in his community Killer Mike is making those changes at a local level, providing food for his community and being involved in the local politics. Mike also talks about the new Run The Jewels record, Season 2 of Trigger Warning and a dream VERZUZ celebration he would like to see.


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